Jeffrey G Pearson

Piano Tuner & Restoration Specialist


I am available for tunings, Private homes, Schools , Colleges and Concerts throughout Staffordshire, South Cheshire and South Derbyshire


I specialise in all types of restoration. Often pianos are fully restrung the actions reconditioned and their cabinets repolished. Replacement of damaged Wrestplanks is my speciality

Hire & Removals

I can supply a piano suitable for any occasion (upright & Grand) I can also offer a removal service for customers own pianos or for those that have been purchased privately.

Welcome to my website

Thank You for visiting my website, On this site I hope to be able to explain and describe the various services that I provide. I hope to update this frequently with new pianos that I have for sale and some photos of pianos in various stages of restoration. I also hope to provide an on-line appointment service.

I am often asked to inspect pianos prior to considering a private purchase. This I'm still very pleased to undertake, this relatively low cost service could save you a lot of time money and heartache.

I am now in my 30th business year after spending 3 years training at Newark. I have got to know the area extremely well and met and made friends with many people.

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