Jeffrey G Pearson

Piano Tuner & Restoration Specialist

Which Piano

Whether you are looking for an older traditional type piano or a modern style then I can source most requests through my vast network of contacts.


All pianos carry a minimum guarantee period of 3 years.


I can arrange delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Pianos for sale

Below are just some of the pianos I have in stock for sale. I am also able to obtain more specialised instruments for customers to purchase. All of these have been carefully inspected and if neccesary they have been restored

please contact me if you require more information.

I am now able to offer used Yamaha U1 and U3 uprights at a competitive price

Please contact me if you are interested in any of them


Several pianos are in stock, some require restoration.

Bechstein upt c1900 Walnut

Challen ( Baby Grand) mahogany

currently being restrung. Repolished cabinet. price tba.

Yamaha G2 (Grand)

Broadwood (1920 upright)

Kemble Minx mini piano


Challen c1975 upright

Schubert c1980 upright

I have always got a small selection of starter Pianos suitable for the early grades and for those reluctant to spend too much in the early stages. These pianos may not be in their prime but they will make a good reliable starting point and will stay in tune !

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