Jeffrey G Pearson

Piano Tuner & Restoration Specialist

How much does it cost

Average cost for tuning is currently £38. If substantial pitch raising is required then an extra fee may be charged. Discounts are available for 2 or more pianos tuned at the same address. Please ask for a quotation


All pianos are tuned to A440Hz (often termed concert pitch). Some older instruments or those in poor condition however are unable to be tuned to this pitch and are tuned at a lower pitch to prevent damage.

Antique pianos, Harpsichords and Clavichords

I am also available for tuning and repairs to many of these instruments.


A piano will always eventually go out of tune due to the high tensions continuously being exerted on to the frame. This is the main reason for regular tunings. Variable temperatures, frequent or heavy playing will increase the need for more frequent tuning. The tuning process is generally divided into the following.

Fine-Tune –This is generally a routine maintenance task, involving bringing the piano back into tune, with the pitch remaining constant. It is recommended that you get your piano fine-tuned at least every 12 months. In many cases every 6 months is recommended if the instrument is played a lot or if room temperatures tend to vary a lot.

Pitch Raise and Fine Tune’. If the pitch of the piano has dropped significantly, which may be a consequence of long periods of neglect, it may be worth shifting the pitch of the piano back up to A440 (concert pitch). However, if it has dropped too far and the piano is quite old then it may involve too much risk of breaking strings and affecting the stability to attempt to raise it this far. First the pitch of all the notes is raised and rough-tuned. This is then followed by a Fine Tune.

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